To participate in the staking process, you need an official Matrix Wallet. Staking is only possible from the official Matrix wallet!


With staking in drMurlly's pools, you can expect a 6% to 8% annual return for shorter periods. For a locked period of 180 and 360 days, you can expect 8-10% APY.


For any questions or additional information, join the official Telegram Matrix AI Network group, and drag the @drMurlly, or one of the official admins. They are ready to help you.

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Two methods of staking are available



  • 100 MAN minimum.
  •  No lockout period is imposed, and it is possible to unstake your $MAN at any time.
  • When you want to unlock your $MAN, there will be a 7-day period to receive your initial $MAN + your $MAN reward.
  •  Staking coefficient of 1.
  • 2000 MAN minimum.
  • Lockout duration of $MAN.
  • When $MAN is released (at the end of the lockout period), it takes only 2 hours to receive the initial $MAN + your $MAN reward.
  • Higher staking coefficient (from 2 to 6).
  • 1 month     => staking coefficient 2
  • 3 months   => staking coefficient 3
  • 6 months   => staking coefficient 4
  • 12 months  => staking coefficient 6

“Total Stake Rewards” is the total amount of MAN staked in the pool
A = The amount of MAN that you individually stake multiplied by the staking coefficient (depending on the lockout duration)
i = The total number of accounts (wallets) that have staked MAN in this pool

Rewards are automatically split between the creator and participants based on each person’s stake. The more tokens you stake, the larger portion of the rewards you will receive.

How to stake with drMurlly

How to create a Matrix wallet video and official guide.

Open your wallet with the method that corresponds to yours. We favour opening the wallet with a Keystore file.

In the side menu, click on “Joint Mining”.

Click on the “All joint mining” tab.

This displays the list of pools. The available pools are indicated with “In Mining” status. DrMurlly’s pools are always “In Mining” and will not be shot down.

Choosing a pool with the highest possible “Total Stake” should be more advantageous in the long run. Our calculations for current conditions show selecting a pool with over 3M MAN coins in “Total Stake” should lead to an acceptable and suitable reward for pool participants. You can also select a pool with less MAN staked if you have immense MAN amounts to stake. In this case, spreading your coins in multiple pools is recommended.

Select the desired pool; it is recommended to select one of drMurlly’s pools, then click on “details” to see more details and learn more.

The details of the pool are displayed. Pay attention to the “Management fees”, which vary from one pool to another. DrMurlly’s pools have a small management fee that ranges from 3%-8%.
“Joint Number” represents the number of pool participants in the selected pool. Other data should be self-explanatory.

When you are satisfied with your selected pool, click on “Join Mining ” to join a pool.

You must now choose a staking method (flexible or fixed). For more details on how they work, check the beginning of this guide. In general, the longer the staking period, the better the reward you will get. We recommended choosing a fixed stake; our coins are fixed for 360 days.

If you choose “fixed stake”, you must select the locking duration of the $MAN. Otherwise, a “flexible stake” has no fixed period.

Enter the amount of MAN you wish to stake. Reminder: 100 MAN minimum with “flexible” and 2,000 MAN minimum with “fixed”.

Click on “Join Mining” A pop-up window with a confirmation hash should appear, which means that you have successfully staked.

Returning to the home page of “Joint Mining”, you will see the list of the pools that you join.

You can check your staking information and details in the official wallet on the “Joint Mining” page. All the activity is also visible on the blockchain; you can check the official Explorer for more details.

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